Media Crash Movie Trailer

We discuss what our movie will be about, how we wish to fund it, rewards for those who help donate, how we will promote our film and the challenges that we will face.

Media Crash Movie Pitch

Media Planning

Media Planning is a key part to the success of any media project. What if one day, all forms of media and electronics just failed? Would society know how to react and go back to their old ways, before any form of technology truly existed? As a group we are pondering this very question. We are looking to make a movie documenting the possibility of this happening and the outcome of it.  Would the world be left in chaos? How would society respond, and what actions will be taken? We are essentially trying to reach out to teens, and show them that there is a harsh reality behind the electronics that they use on the daily. We will also be reaching out to an older generation for our funding. College kids are often not looking to spend money on funding something like this, so we will be looking for the help of another audience. Our film will follow three strangers and the effect that the crash will have on their lives. There will have to be major life changes and society will have to adapt back to its old ways, before technology consumed the world! We will promote our project through various social media websites and newsletters. We will advertise in various ways to get the word out about it. 

Alternatives to Kickstarter

Along with Kickstarter, there are many other websites that do a similar thing. The act of crowd funding is a widely accepted and largely used form of funding. Indiegogo is a well known site in the crowd funding community. It is easy to use and has helped thousands of people raise funds for various projects that they are working on. It is a smart tool to utilize if you are unsure of how to raise money for something.


The Process of Making a Movie

  1. The Process by which Films are Funded

In order to produce a film, there must be large funds readily available to start the production process. The amount that a movie will cost, depends mainly on the size of the production, and what is going into the process of making it. A movie with  A-List celebrities, animation and special effects can dramatically effect the budget price.

Films are funded in several different ways:

  •  “When people go see a movie in theaters, rent it when it’s available for home viewing, buy the DVD or purchase the soundtrack, the studio responsible gets a percentage of the proceeds” (Jessika Toothman).
  • There are also contracts that are made for different television networks and pay-per-view stations.
  • Merchandising and licensing contracts
  • Box office sales
  • Loans

Funding a project as large as a movie takes a lot of time and consideration when a budget is being laid out. Every detail must be thoroughly thought through, and accounted for in the plan. Some movie budgets have gotten to upward costs of 425 Million dollars!>>

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